Why to Buy Apple iPhone 5s: 10 Reasons

We’ve all read the arguments for and against the iPhone 5 and the comparisons between it and any of the Android smartphones. If you are looking to buy a new phone and are not sure what to go for, here are the top ten benefits of buying an iPhone 5 over and above any android…


10 Advantages of Having a Girl Best Friend

We all have friends, some of theme becomes our best buddies. All friends are important but if you have a girl as a best friend then you can enjoy a number of things. Not agree? Have a look on these things and than think again. Can a boy do all these stuff?


WhatsApp Tips and Trick and You Don’t Know

1. Use WhatsApp without any mobile number: To use WhatsApp you should have cell number and the number will not be in use if you follow this steps : If you already have an WhatsApp installed then please uninstall it Download WhatsApp again. disable messaging service by changing the flight mode. open and add your…

Female Travel India

10 Safety Tips for Women Traveling in India

A land of dazzling colors, textures, textiles and patterns, India is exciting to explore. But is it equally safe for men and women? Though the recent incidents point to the lack of security for women in India, this is far from the complete picture. Just like most other countries, not all places in India are…