Why to Buy Apple iPhone 5s: 10 Reasons

We’ve all read the arguments for and against the iPhone 5 and the comparisons between it and any of the Android smartphones. If you are looking to buy a new phone and are not sure what to go for, here are the top ten benefits of buying an iPhone 5 over and above any android…


10 Advantages of Having a Girl Best Friend

We all have friends, some of theme becomes our best buddies. All friends are important but if you have a girl as a best friend then you can enjoy a number of things. Not agree? Have a look on these things and than think again. Can a boy do all these stuff?


WhatsApp Tips and Trick and You Don’t Know

1. Use WhatsApp without any mobile number: To use WhatsApp you should have cell number and the number will not be in use if you follow this steps : If you already have an WhatsApp installed then please uninstall it Download WhatsApp again. disable messaging service by changing the flight mode. open and add your…