WhatsApp Tips and Trick and You Don’t Know

1. Use WhatsApp without any mobile number:

To use WhatsApp you should have cell number and the number will not be in use if you follow this steps :

If you already have an WhatsApp installed then please uninstall it

Download WhatsApp again.
disable messaging service by changing the flight mode. open and add your number but it will not able to send the message to server to verify.
As verification is incomplete,. messages are blocked. WhatsApp will ask for choosing an alternative method to verify. Choose “check through SMS” and enter email address. Click submit but without waiting for second click cancel to end the authorization process.

Now you are required to forge message. Install the message Spoof text message for Android and Fake a message for iPhone.
Go to the outbox “copy the message details Spoofer application” sent it to false verification.
Use the following details in their false message. To +447900347295 From +(country code) (mobile number) message. Your e-mail address.
A message will be sent to fake number and you can use this number to use WhatsApp.

2. Share ZIP, PDF, APK, EXE, RAR files via WhatsApp
WhatsApp is only limited to audio, video and image. Now you can share ZIP, PDF, APK, EXE, RAR with fiends on WhatsApp.
Install Dropand CloudSend App.
Open CloudSend. You will be asked to link with CloudSend Dropbox, allow.
Share the file which you need to share. The file will be automatically load and provide a link to that file.
Share this link to friends on whatsApp  on WhatsApp or any other courier and your friend will be able to download the files.

3. Recover Deleted Messages WhatsApp:

Due to some reason you lost your messages ? Here’s some tips by which you can recover the lost messages.
For safer side, WhatsApp saves all your your conversation on SD card. Go to WhatsApp SD> > Card > >Database. Here msgstore.db.crypt contains all the messages sent or received and files of this type in the format yyyy-msgstore..dd..db.crypt contains all WhatsApp messages sent in the last seven days.
Simply open these files with a simple text editor, you can read/see all messages.

4. Change your friend’s profile picture:

You cannot really change WhatsApp photo of friend from your phone, But you can change it in your phone and every time someone goes to check his whatsApp from your cell you can tease your friends.
Download weird image for your friends profile pic
Change the size to 561×561 pixels and name of the of cell phone number of your friends using WhatsApp.
Save the image to SD>>  card WhatsApp>> Profile pictures. Overwrite the existing file.
Now show your friend your profile picture. This will turn them crazy.

5. Create a Fake/ chat conversation: Want to show your Friends that you chat with Miley Cyrus, Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg???
Here the chance to show you got such big celebrities as your friends.All you need is WhatsApp WhatSaid.You will be able to create fake conversations with anyone by adding photos, name and create your own posts.

So, Are you Going to Do these?


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