Guest Post

Guest Posting



Do you want to share your experience? I’d love to hear from you!

I am looking for more great content to share with readers. All blog posts submitted will be mentioned on  social media accounts. I can’t cover all topics from all angles since I have limited knowledge and limited time, so your help is much appreciated. Furthermore, I like to have other opinions and points of view different than mine in the blog. You can complement me and help me to build a better blog.

Submission Rules:

  • Blog posts should be 200-500 words in length and be conversational in tone.
  • Posts cannot have appeared on your own blog or in other locations (summaries or edited versions of the original post are ok).
  • Include 2-3 photos with captions. Photo(s) must be credited with an appropriate source and must be legal to use.
  • Provide website links to locations or destinations included in the post.
  • Include your name, title and organization for the byline.
  • Send post with subject “Guest Post”
  • Please allow a minimum of 5 days for posting.
  • I reserves the right to edit the post if needed or even reject the post. Not all guest posts submitted will be published, but I will publish as many as possible.


  • Pitch your idea before you write a massive guest post. I don’t want you to spend hours writing if I can’t publish your post.
  • Be helpful. I want to give great value to my readers, so try be practical and help them in all possible ways.
  • Be unique. I like to see content that has not been published elsewhere.
  • Be creative. Surprise the readers, experiment with the topics and have fun.
  • Be original. Check the archives to see which topics haven’t been covered yet.
  • Be interesting. Tell us a personal story, use a metaphor, be provocative, we want you to push the boundaries.
  • Be relevant. Write your guest post about the topics “Study+Fun” covers.
  • Readers first, SEO second. If people love your post Google will love it too.


  • Sell stuff. Don’t use a guest post to advertise the goodness of your company’s products. I’m fine if you link to a product of yours in the Bio. In the body of the post, only mention products if they are 100% relevant to your story.
  • Over-promise and under-deliver. Be realistic to how much you will contribute.
  • Insult or behave like a troll. We like controversial issues, but with respect.
  • Expect to earn money. We do not pay for our guest bloggers.


Helpful Tips:

  • Shorter paragraphs are easier to read.
  • Headline should give a good idea of what the post is about or entice readers to learn more.
  • What should you blog about?
    • Your personal experience.
    • Topic should be related to study, travel, fun, health, society, culture or other interesting facts. You can check my posts for exploring niche fully.
    • The ideas are endless!


  • Length: 2-4 sentences.
  • Links: 1-4 links (minimum 1 link). Here you can link to your blog, website, online profiles, or product. Most common links are to blog and Twitter. If you don’t have any of the above, you can use your LinkedIn profile.
  • Photo: create an account in with your email, upload a headshot. Your NextScientist author account will be linked to that email  and your image will appear automagically. This is useful if you want to be a regular guest blogger.



Contact us at :   shailesh.jangra(AT)gmail(Dot)com






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