How to Feel More Confident at Work

Being unconfident will adversely affect how you perform at work. Having poor confidence will make you ineffective when communicating with other people, and questioning your own performance will never do any good. It is important to boost your self-confidence, and here are some tips on how you can feel more confident at work.

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Live-in Relationship- Good or Bad?

What is live-in Relationship? This is Bakwas (useless) question because everyone knows what this term stand for. I am not in favor of this thing but not in against too. 🙂 Actually this depends upon mood and condition, sometime when I feel lonely I go in favor of this but when I think of my…

How to Train Your Dog to Get a Beer!!

The only thing more enjoyable than a nice cold beer is enjoying one that someone else got for you. Hey, you know I am right. The couch is just too darn comfy. Now learn how to take work from your four leg pal. This article helps you to train your dog to fetch a beer…