Live-in Relationship- Good or Bad?

What is live-in Relationship?

This is Bakwas (useless) question because everyone knows what this term stand for. I am not in favor of this thing but not in against too. 🙂 Actually this depends upon mood and condition, sometime when I feel lonely I go in favor of this but when I think of my partner, my would be , then I stand against this. hey, fact is fact, at-least I am not fake.

If suppose all the women in the world would have slept with a guy, then I would prefer to die as single rather than getting married. We Indians are every particular about the virginity of our life partners and our own virginity.  Forget about virginity, we don’t like our partners to even talk to an opposite gender, how come we marry someone who has slept with someone else? One important thing is that you cannot trust a boy/girl who had this kind of relationship because they can easily change their partners and don’t have love and respect for their partners. LOVE for them is just physical desire which can be fulfilled through hundreds of men and women. (let me laugh, this goes serious)



People still have physical relationships even not being in live-in. Just that most of the parents don’t know it. Live-in relationships in a metro city these days are a common phenomenon. This holds true in the case of Gurgaon as well. The city has a young crowd and a cosmopolitan culture, as people from across the country come here to work. Here, people are more independent, which enables them to take their own decisions.

Marriage is, no doubt, a great responsibility. A responsibility towards your spouse, your children and your society as a whole. Living-in relation, on the other hand, portrays running away from that responsibility.

Live-in relationships are not illegal in India, but they’re still taboo in our society. Especially when the live-in partners are young and have a long way to go in their lives, the issue becomes a little worrisome. Let’s admit it, we are neither Saif and Preity from Salaam Namaste, nor Konkona and Ranbir from Wake Up Sid. 

Things to keep in mind before going in for a live-in relationship. It might seem exciting and fun but keep in mind that you are not married. There is no commitment involved. You both are just sharing a room and space. When you live with someone you are not married to, your level of commitment to the relationship is not at its full potential. So even if you end up marrying this person, the longer you’ve stayed in this uncommitted mind-set, the more likely it is to stick.


  • There’s renewed intimacy
  • It feels good to wake up in the morning and have someone at your side
  • You can tackle emergencies together
  • You can save cost as your living expenses will be divided
  • Sometimes, it’s just amazing to have someone to come home to after a hard day.


  •  You lose your freedom and independence
  •  Constantly being around each other breeds conflict as familiarity breeds contempt
  •  You are exposed to each other’s bad habits
  •  You lose your personal space
  •  Eventually, your lives begin to revolve around each other
  •  It can keep the relationship from progressing to marriage.
  •  You start taking each other for granted and gradually lose the passion of your relationship
  •  It can lead to unwanted pregnancy.

The disadvantages of live-in relationships far outweigh the advantages and most of the time, someone loses out, most often the woman.
A live-in relationship can be very confusing for a woman especially where no real commitment has been made by the man and it can cause the man to relax; after all, he’s already getting everything he needs so why marry?
It takes two very mature people to properly handle a live-in relationship. However,in my opinion, it’s just not worth it. If you want someone to come home to at night, then get married!

According to me only Pharmaceutical companies can take advantage from Live-in relationships. So what do you think? Are live-in relationships good or bad? Is there any circumstance in which you would consider being in one? Let us know in the comments box.


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