Best Nightlife Clubs and Bars in New York

Ideally, there are things that you ought not to miss in life. One of them is the New York nightlife. New York is the source of all the enjoyment. Discover the best nightlife clubs and bars in New York where summer, partying and dancing are conducted right to fit your enjoyment standard.


What TO DO After Breakup: 10 Tips

Everyone faces a situation where s/he loose his love because of misunderstanding, UN-compatibility, family issues, new crush 🙂 or some other reasons. Don’t feel low here are some tips for you how to behave after break-up.


Moto X vs Moto G: Which to Buy and Why?

Motorola hasn’t been one of the most active smartphone manufacturers, at least it wasn’t in the first half of 2013. In fact, the company didn’t release any relevant handsets during that period. After its transition to Google, some adjustments had to be made, and that took a while. Nevertheless, Motorola is now back on track.…