What TO DO After Breakup: 10 Tips

Everyone faces a situation where s/he loose his love because of misunderstanding, UN-compatibility, family issues, new crush 🙂 or some other reasons. Don’t feel low here are some tips for you how to behave after break-up.

1. Don’t Go on Random Dates:


After breakup things

Yes, it is definitely advisable to move on, and maybe even meet someone fun and interesting! But to just go on random dates to get over your past relationship is a big no-no. Do not even think about it. It will only lead to more confusion and probably a wrong move that would further complicate matters.

2. Do not Live in the Past:


After breakup things 2

To keep thinking about her, the things she said, the things you guys did together and the special moments you shared in a bad idea. It will only push you into depression. Think about the present, instead. Or better still, focus on the future!

3. Say NO to Keep Calling Your Girlfriend:


After breakup things 3

You have her number. But its best sent to the deleted list, now that she is no longer your girlfriend. The best way to stop yourself from calling her is to delete her number from your phonebook entirely.

4. Don’t Let Yourself Get Lonely:


After breakup things 4

Spending some time alone is a good idea. It helps you think about what went wrong and do some self-evaluation. However, too much time by yourself could very well lead you into extreme loneliness! Hang out with friends and family instead! Nothing could be more healing.

5. Do Not Indulge in Extremes or Excesses:


After breakup things 5

To want to eat too much chocolate or drink too much alcohol are normal repercussions of a romantic break-up. Stay away from these evils. Check the signs in advance to avoid getting too deep into the indulgence!

6. Fall in Love with the Next Girl You Meet:


After breakup things 6

It is very easy to fall for the sweet words or flirtatious gestures of another woman when the previous one has stepped out with your heart left bleeding. Remember, however, that this is the worst thing to do – to fall in love all over again – that too with the very next girl who enters your life. She is only filling a gap!

7. Have Sex:


After breakup things 7

Not that you should resort to celibacy simply because you have split up, but refraining from the urge to have sex is a good idea, especially right after a split. It will give you time to recuperate and when you do meet the right person, the emotions and hormones will all be well-balanced!

8. Do Not Spend Time Alone:


After breakup things 8

Staying all by yourself is only going to land you in trouble. Not only will you keep thinking about her, you may also do random things like try calling her, looking through items that evoke memories of her and so on. Hand out with people instead.

9. Snoop on her Facebook Profile:


After breakup things 9

Checking out her Facebook profile to find out what she has been up to is wrong. In case you she has been having normal-seeming conversations with other people, it will only hurt you further.

10. Do Not Ask Her Best Friend How She’s Doing:


After breakup things 10

Yes, her best friend was also your confidante in the past. But now, she is only her best friend. Stay away from her too!

A break-up is not the end of the world. In fact, it could be a window to a new beginning. So, pick up the pieces the soonest you can, and start living life afresh!


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