10 Habits That Tells She is in Love : Girl Love Sign

Everyone fall in love and the truth is that no one can hide the sign. One can easily recognize that you are in love or not. The hints comes from your daily routine.If you do these things that mean you are in love.

1. Keeps checking his status and “last seen of him” on Whatsapp regularly.


2. Reads their messages again and again and blushes.

3. She gets ready instantly, when she expects to see him.

4. She starts day dreaming about him.

5. She starts liking his old photos on social media.

6. She gets jealous, when he talks to some other female friends.

7. She starts playing love calculator and other love related games.

8. She starts imagining her future like honeymoon and kids name.

9. Her hearts beats faster when he is near her.

10.She blushes, when he talks to her.


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