Turning Fat into Muscle

If you want to see your muscles, you have to get rid of what’s hiding them. To do this, you must eat enough to preserve muscle, but not so much that you put on fat. Here are some basic rules to follow to lose fat and build muscle: Advertisements

Int to Binary in Java

How to Convert Int to Binary in Java

How to represent binary numbers in java?  or How to convert int to binary in java? A binary number is a string of 1′s and 0′s such as 10101101. To represent binary numbers or to convert an integer into a binary number in java, wrapper class Integer can be used. As specified in java docs,…

5 Biggest SEO Issues

How to Find Odd and Even Number in Java

In java a number can be identified as odd or even by using modulo operator i.e. “%”. The modulo operator gives the remainder of a division operation, for instance the result of 5 % 3 would be 2. Also, any even number when divided by 2, leaves a remainder of zero. Thus, the algorithm would…


How to Seduce Every Zodiac Sign: Love Tips

 #1 Aries: spirited and direct Be bold and aggressive.. no need for permission, steal a breathtaking kiss as soon as the moment seizes you. The more forceful the approach, the better. Compliments go a long way too .. tell them they’re sexy and desired!