How to Find Odd and Even Number in Java

In java a number can be identified as odd or even by using modulo operator i.e. “%”. The modulo operator gives the remainder of a division operation, for instance the result of 5 % 3 would be 2. Also, any even number when divided by 2, leaves a remainder of zero. Thus, the algorithm would be if the remainder is 0, it is an even number else it is an odd number.

Below is the code snippet of this algorithm in java:


public class OddEvenChecker

public static void main(String [] args)
if(args.length == 0)
System.out.println("Provide the number");
int n = Integer.parseInt(args[0]);
if(n % 2 == 0)
System.out.prinlnt("Number is even");
System.out.println("Number is odd");

Thus using the remainder or modulo operator, it can be checked if a number is odd or even.

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