Turning Fat into Muscle

If you want to see your muscles, you have to get rid of what’s hiding them. To do this, you must eat enough to preserve muscle, but not so much that you put on fat. Here are some basic rules to follow to lose fat and build muscle:

#6 Calculate your calories

Calculate your calories

Don’t under eat if your goal is to get muscle or else you won’t get enough protein, just make sure you aren’t eating fattening foods.


#5 Lift Weights

Lift Weights

If you want your muscles to get bigger, you have to lift heavy!


#4 Try resistance training

Try resistance training

Resistance training is great for improving your overall physique.


#3 Do your Cardio

Do your cardio

Cardio will help you melt the fat off of your body.


#2 Go on a Diet

Go on a Diet

If you are eating unhealthy fattening foods building muscle won’t be so easy.


#1 Get Enough Protein

Get Enough Protein

Protein is essential to building muscles.

The fat-to-muscle diet

The meals shown here are ‘templates’ that you can vary to keep your tastebuds happy. Follow them and you’ll consume between 2,400 and 2,800 calories every day. That should provide plenty of calories for all but the most severely obese, while allowing most men to shed fat at a steady pace. Don’t worry about hitting all the numbers on the nose every time. If you exceed your fat quota during lunch, for instance, just cut back a little during dinner.

Turning Fat into Muscle


5 tbsp (40g) wholegrain flakes or porridge oats
150 ml (5fl oz) skimmed milk
2 tbsp chopped nuts
2 tbsp raisins
Total: 566 kcal, 20g protein, 80g carbohydrate, 19g fat


Sandwich made with 2 slices wholemeal bread, 5 oz (150 g) ham or tuna, 1 slice low fat cheese, 2 slices tomato
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 carrot
1 glass (150ml/5fl oz) orange juice
Total: 621 kcal, 47g protein, 50g carbohydrate, 26g fat.


5 oz (150g) cooked lean meat, poultry or shellfish
Small green leafy salad
2 tsp French dressing
Medium serving (80g) broccoli
4 tbsp (150g) cooked rice or pasta or potatoes
1 medium-sized fruit eg apple
Total: 662 kcal, 39g protein, 60g carbohydrate, 31g fat.

Floater meal

2 slices wholemeal bread
2 tbsp peanut butter
480ml (16fl oz) skimmed milk
1 medium apple
Total: 605 kcal, 32g protein, 70g carbohydrate, 23g fat.


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