What is oDesk: Online Money for Talent

People are earning higher than their salaries. Do you know how? it is because of oDesk. oDesk is best platform to utilize your skills. Here is some general introduction about this great platform.

What does oDesk do?
oDesk connects talented freelancers with businesses around the globe, giving skilled workers access to jobs that are personally, professionally, and financially rewarding. We are the world’s largest online workplace, ranked #1 by annual freelancer earnings, with over 100,000 jobs posted monthly.


Why should I work on oDesk?
If you’ve got the skills, we’ve got the opportunities! You’ll find the tools, resources, and connections you need to build a long-lasting professional career. Payments are reliable and secure, and every hourly contract is covered by the oDesk Guarantee that an hour worked is an hour paid.

Great work is rewarded
Build your professional reputation on oDesk by working hard and getting great client reviews. Positive feedback leads to more work. And more work leads to more money. In fact, we’ve found that oDesk freelancers on average increase their pay rate by 190% over three years.

Technology builds trust
When you work with people around the world, having the tools to build mutual trust is key. So, we created the oDesk Team App to let you log your time and get paid quickly and reliably.

Work without risk
There are no upfront costs when joining oDesk. You can create a professional profile, apply to jobs, and interview without paying a penny.

So, how does oDesk make money?
It’s pretty simple; we charge freelancers a 10% fee on each contract. Every time a client makes a payment, 90% goes to you, the freelancer, and oDesk keeps 10%.

For example, if you agree upon a rate of $20/hour, oDesk will receive $2.20 and you will receive $17.80/hr. Because of this, many freelancers add a bit to their rate to account for the fee (for instance, charging $22.20 so that they will receive a flat $20/hr).


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