Why to Buy Apple iPhone 5s: 10 Reasons

We’ve all read the arguments for and against the iPhone 5 and the comparisons between it and any of the Android smartphones. If you are looking to buy a new phone and are not sure what to go for, here are the top ten benefits of buying an iPhone 5 over and above any android phone:

10.  Simple to Use

grandpa using iphone

This is the iPhone’s biggest selling points. The common misconception is that smartphones are way too hard to use and, yes, many of them are. The iPhone, however, is simplicity personified. Its uncomplicated interface makes it the phone of choice for any age group and for anyone who isn’t “tech-savvy”.

9.  App Store


Apple has the biggest app store there is on any operating system. It offers more than 775,000 apps and tools for users and caters to just about every age group. Any function you can think of, any game or music app you want, you will find something in the app store to suit you, many of them completely free.

8.  Screen Size

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

Over the years screen sizes on phones have swung from large to tiny and back to large again, as often as a clock pendulum swings. Apple has so far resisted the urge to turn their phones into unwieldy device that won’t fit comfortably in your pocket. The iPhone 5 retains the popular 4” size that displays its resolution perfectly. Many of the Android devices, while having a great display resolution, are just too big to be comfortable.

7.  Security
security_iphone 5

Apple security is second to none. They have far more resistance to hackers and security issues are small in comparison to others.  The iPhone 5 does not have an NFC chip which some see as a downside. However, that little chip can cause enormous issues with security – namely, if you are close enough to a hacker they can use that chip to steal valuable information from your device. Android have issued fixes for the problem but it’s always going to be an issue.

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6. Connectivity


How many Apple products can you connect together ? As many as you want. No matter what you are trying to connect to or how many Apple products you want to connect, their options will allow for seamless and uncomplicated integration and connection.  Each and every one of their products is built to last and built to be either a standalone or part of a group and their connectivity options support each other.

5. Durability

broken android phones

The iPhone 5 was recently tested against the Samsung S3 in a drop test – the S3 broke, the iPhone 5 escaped with a couple of scratches. That speaks for itself. This should be a huge consideration for anyone buying a phone. Accidents happen and they get knocked off or dropped but you want a phone that is going to survive. The iPhone is not unbreakable but it is more likely to last longer than many others.

4. Fun

real racing download iphone 5 (3)

Gone are the days when a phone was just for calls and texts. Most people use them for games, playing music and even watching videos. This is where that massive App store comes into its own. As well as having more than anyone else, it also tends to get the new games first, often before Android gets a look in. You also get a much larger choice of whether to buy your game or go with the unpaid, ad-supported version. There’s a wide range of camera editing apps, fun music apps and health and fitness apps as well as just about any type of game you can possibly think of.

3. Limited Choice

While Android users get to choose between a variety of handsets or operating system, or even manufacturers, Apple users don’t. Apple only makes the one device in a few different models and those are only storage size options. This means that this one device has to be the best it can be and having a limited choice isn’t necessarily such a bad thing.


You know that you are getting a phone that does exactly what its meant to do and more. You know that you are getting  everything all wrapped up in one device, instead of having to pick the best of a bunch because it does some of what you want it to do. The iPhone 5 will do everything you want it to do and with a full support service thrown in.

 2. Genius


No other manufacturer provides this – any Apple store that has a Genius bar will sort out any issues on your iPhone 5 completely free of charge, regardless of warranty. You’ll get free updates and upgrades and replacement hardware if needed. Appointments are normally necessary as there are a limited number of walk-in appointments available.

1. Number One


Because Apple are the number one smartphone manufacturer and the iPhone 5 is the top and biggest selling smartphone – nothing more to be said.

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