How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock?

Today I am going to share that procedure to you by this method you can easily unlock your mobile phone Pattern lock. The method is Very Easy and simple. Just do it with me Step by step.

Let’s start it!
How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock?
Follow These Steps Below:
1. First Switch Power Off Your Android Mobile Phone.
2. Then First Click Up Volume Key and hold it.
3. Now Click On Home Button And Hold It.
4. Then press the power button and after the starter of your Cell phone (until you find the phone logo screen exits) just release it.
5. Then a Hidden Menu of Android will be opened .
6. Use Home Button For Up And Down in that menu
7. Now Go To 3rd Option “DELETE ALL USER DATA”
8. It will take Some time to remove all your private data from your phone.
9. Now your phone will start again and all the data will be removed so your unlock pattern is fixed Now.
NOTE: This is the only method to unlock your phone and the best one Please note that your all messages, Applications And all other Data Will be deleted.


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