Why to Learn Java: 10 Reasons

Java is one of the most useful, dynamic and popular programming languages in the world today. If you are new to Java, you will find many reasons to start using it. Here are 10 reasons why you should program in Java.


10. Java is easy to learn. Java is easy enough for beginners to learn. When you learn how to program in Java, you can start with just the basic statements. You can write your first Java Hello World program in minutes.

9. Java is advanced. After you are comfortable writing simple Java programs, you can look at the more advanced features of Java. Java is an object-oriented programming language that even seasoned programmers will find powerful.

8. Java has powerful development tools. Since Java is a popular language, there are powerful development tools available to you. One tool is the Net beans IDE (integrated development environment). Another one is the Eclipse IDE. Both of these Java tools offer powerful editing, syntax-checking, coding help, source code control, built-in servers and more. These two IDEs are also free.

7. Java is platform independent. The Java programming language is platform independent. In other words, you can develop it on one platform and run it on another. You just need to have the Java Run time Environment (JRE) loaded on your target platform. The Java JRE is available on multiple platforms. You can download Java for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Apple.

6. Java has 3rd party support. Java has plenty of support from 3rd party companies. GWT (Google Web Toolkit) is a framework for writing dynamic web pages using Java. The Android mobile phone operating system and their applications are written in Java. Databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL easily integrate with Java programs. This is just a small sample of the many companies that partner with Java.

5. Java is backed by Oracle. On April 20, 2009, Oracle purchased Sun Micro systems, the creator of Java. Java is now backed by one of the biggest companies in the IT industry.

4. Java has a wealth of free online support. There is a large online community of Java developers who know how to program in Java. Oracle offers a Java tutorial and Java API reference documents. You can also visit online Java forums such as The Big Moose Saloon and Java Forums. The people at these forums are very helpful and knowledgeable.

3. Java is dynamic. You can write a Java program to do almost anything. There are a rich set of Java classes that can handle standard application programming, user interfaces, networking, graphics, browser programs (applets), server programs (servlets) and more.

2. Java is free. You heard it right. Java is free. All of this Java functionality and support will cost you nothing.

1. Java is fun. I have used several different programming languages in my career. In my opinion, Java is the most fun language out there. With Java, you can quickly create impressive, dazzling programs.


Now you know some of the benefits of programming in Java. Java is a dynamic programming language that will enable you to write any kind of program. Best of all, it is free. Download Java and start using it today. With Java, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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