Make Money With Elance : Start Up Guide

The past few years, we will see many earn money ways on the internet. The earn money from internet is depend on your work and your knowledge. It means in which work do you expert or do you have some good knowledge about computer and internet. Peoples are earn money using different-different ways such as blogging, freelancing, data entry works, teaching and some other type of works are included in it.

The peoples who have some good knowledge about computer and internet, but they are unsuccessful to find a best way of earning money by using their own skills. So today I will going to share with you a one post about how you can earn money by using you own skills. I also share many post about earn money topic on my blog, in which I completely discussed the all earning money ways, but know here I am going to tell you something about freelancing.

What is Freelancing?

This is a one major question that asks many peoples, who don’t know about it. we also discussed this topic in my pervious post. Actually freelancer is one person, who doing some work for others and generate money. The definition of freelancing, we will explain it in one example. For example a one person belongs to USA or Canada and he have some good money but he will very busy or he didn’t know about how to do work such as Photoshop, Ms-office, Corel Draw or any other work, so he came on freelancing websites and posts a job and on other hand many Pakistanis, Indians and some other countries peoples, who are freelancers are apply for this job. So the Client select a one proposal from all proposals and give a order to a one person, and when a freelancer is get order then he start their work and after completing him send him to this men who order it and the amount of this order will be added in freelancer account.

This is a fully detail about freelancing, how it will be work.

What is

The Elance is a one freelancing website, which will provide work in all over the world peoples, and give him a chance to earn some handsome money. Actually is one website, where many Clients are coming and post different types of jobs, that I will described In above paragraph. On the internet are two biggest freelancing websites that are pay you highest rates, these website are and I will also try to write a one post about in my upcoming posts. The has 447 global rank and 364 rank in united state by viewing of alexa, So I think anyone can’t be say that it is a scam. Because in the whole world thousands of peoples are earn money with it. I will also clearly say that this is not a scam, this is one trusted website and you can also learn more about it by going on their official site.


How to Join

This is so simple and easy, its same as that your facebook account, but I will write about it completely step by step, so follow below steps.

  • Fist all go to
  • You can see the homepage of so click on Registered (it’s free).
  • After clicking on it you can see a new page so click on second box (I want to work) and then click on continue.
  • Now you can see a new page, where you can fill your all information with detail and click on Registered, same as below screenshot.
  • Here you will write your all skills in which you are expert and click on (I’m finished), same below screen shoot.
  • After it you can see a membership plans so select basic free plan and click on(Select Now),same as below screenshot.
  • They will send you a one E-mail on your e-mail address so open it and confirm the link.

Now you will make your Elance account successfully! Next step is making your profile shine.

How to make profile shine on 

You can easily make your profile shined and complete it 100% by follow below steps, so let start.

  • After verifying e-mail address, your profile is 30% complete, so next step is click on (Enter basic profile), same below screenshot.
  • After you can see a one page, where you can add you basic detail such as you address, city etc. after completing it click on (Continue).
  • Now after it, you will complete below all steps same as you doing above.
  • You can also upload some portfolio of your work and complete Elance all tests of your skills. It will be help you to make your profile more shine. [If you get confused in any step so ask me by writing comment below.]

Now after making your profile shine then you will be able to apply for jobs.

How to Apply for Job on Elance.con? 

This is also very simple and easy process. You only need to complete your profile 100%. Then you will start for applying job. But remember you will only apply for these jobs that are matched with your skills. Below I will apply for one job that are matched with my skills, so learn it carefully how you can apply for jobs because this is one important factor. Below I will apply for one job “Photoshop Designer”. In this proposal, I will write all about , how I can doing their work and what is my service rate. Here you will need to write some attractive lines. After filled a proposal with detailed then click on (Preview), same below screenshot.

After it you will see your proposal preview and if you want to edit it so click on (Edit Proposal) or click on (Submit Proposal), same as below screenshot.

Know you will submit your job proposal successfully and if client is like your proposal then it will select your proposal and after discussed somethings, he/she will order you with money and this money hold by and when you completer thier project and send them, then you will be get paid, its so simple and easy. This is full detail about Elance.


we will try to write every point with detail, if I will missed anything or you have any question related to this topic then feel free to ask in comment section and also share this post with your friends and Subscribe us for getting upcoming earn money ways straight to your inbox.
Best Wishes.


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