Bluehost Discount Coupon Codes 2015

BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month – How Does it Work?

According to Wikipedia, “Bluehost shared hosting company which is owned by Endurance International Group is among the top 20 largest webhosts, collectively hosting well over 1.9 million domains alongside its sister companies – FastDomain and HostMonster”. Bluehost is well known for affordable but quality web hosting, and you can even achieve more affordability by taking advantage of Bluehost coupon $3.49 per month. You will learn more about this coupon shortly.

From individuals to business owners who are looking for complete web hosting functionalities without paying much, Bluehost web hosting company has proven to be a viable option. With over 1.9 million domains currently hosted by the company, it is an evidence that their hosting services are desirable. If you are in doubt of the Bluehost’s hosting services, you can go ahead and experiment with the demo option.

Bluehost Web Hosting Services

Before learning how the Bluehost coupon $3.49 per month works, you would probably love to learn a little about the company’s hosting services. Bluehost provides wide range of web hosting services to both individuals and business owners. The list of their web hosting services includes the following;

  • Regular domain registration services
  • Reseller web hosting services
  • Shared web hosting services

How the Bluehost coupon $3.49 per Month Works

If you are paying a full price for the regular web hosting service offered by Bluehost, this would cost $7.95 per month and would cover a twelve-month period, while $6.95 per month would cover 24-month duration. This is where the Bluehost coupon $3.49 per month comes in handy and extremely useful; instead of paying the full price, you can take advantage of the coupon to purchase the same hosting service and package as low as $3.49 per month!

The same quality of service is guaranteed. In essence, you will still enjoy unlimited hosting space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth transfer, plus tons of other valuable features.

Bluehost coupon $3.49 per month covers the various Bluehost web hosting plans such as;

The Reseller Web Hosting Plans: resellers of websites can take advantage of the $3.49 per month coupon to achieve some good deals with their websites reselling business. The reseller web hosting plan features both basic and more sophisticated tools. The Sky Blue plan is the most basic type with 100GB storage space, 15Mbs bandwidth, FREE domain, as well as unlimited email accounts feature. The Sky Blue plan is originally purchased for $19.95 per month. But, with the Bluehost coupon $3.49 per month, you are paying $3.49 less.

The Electric Blue Plan; this plan is next to the Sky Blue plan and costs $49.95 per month originally. But, with the coupon code discount, you will only pay $3.49 per month lessto enjoy desirable features such as 250GB storage space, 25Mbps bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and a free domain.

The True Blue Plan; this is the most sophisticated web hosting plan from Bluehost. Originally, this plan is priced for $99.95 per month with more sophisticated features such as 500GB storage space, 35 Mbps bandwidth, a FREE domain, as well as unlimited email accounts.

Other Bluehost Web Hosting Features and Plans

Other features offered by Bluehost include subdomains, unlimited domains, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, private nameservers, cPanels and more. The Shared web hosting plans also come in both basic and advanced form, and relevant Bluehost coupon applies. The most basic plan for shared hosting comes with desirable features such as unlimited disk space, one-year domain name hosting, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited

email accounts, add-on domains and other valuable features. Now, instead of paying the full price of $6.95 per month, you would end up paying just $3.49 with the Bluehost coupon.

There’s yet another form of shared web hosting plan by Bluehost, it is called the Pro hosting package. It does not differ from the basic shared hosting plan in terms of features but provides additional resources such as FREE domain privacy, CPU and memory, FREE dedicated IP address, anti-spam accounts (FREE), SSL certificate plus other desirable features. Originally, you would have paid $24.95 per month for this plan, but the coupon offers you more affordable price of $19.95 with all the features and quality intact.

What Makes the Bluehost Coupons Thick?

One of the desirable features of the Bluehost coupon $3.49 per month and other Bluehost coupons is the easy accessibility online. Besides, unlike tons of other web hosting companies’ coupons, activation of the coupon does not require copying and pasting on a designated medium. Once you click the applicable link for the Bluehost coupon, you would be re-directed from your present webpage to Bluehost website where the coupon will be automatically applied.

Simply spell out your preferred web hosting service period (e.g. one-year or more, six months). Once the purchase is completed, discount price will reflect instantly.

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