Diwali Celebration: Fun Ideas and Party Plans

Well, if you are in mood for organizing some Diwali party at home, I am here to help you out in choosing the right theme, what games to organize, what food to cook or order, or the right things to do for the party to enthrall your visitors.


Diwali Party Ideas:

1- If you have a pool at home you can always buy some floating diyas and put them in the pool and lit them when your guests arrive. Believe me, the very sight of this will really put your visitors in mood for diwali.
2- You can decorate your walkways into the house with colorful lanterns, lights and drapes.
Make a flower rangoli at the main entrance of the house to welcome your visitors with a special message.
3- You can also put some decorative diyas on the dining table or as a center piece in the drawing hall to give your rooms a diwali touch.
4- Play a soft music with some Bollywood party songs playing rhythmically I the background. Don’t keep it too loud.
5- You can set your tables beautifully in a Moroccon fashion. It is a fashion table decoration idea which includes setting your table in various bright colored drapes and lanterns like pink, yellow, rich blue, purple and gold.
6- From food perspective you can always welcome your guests with some exotic sweets and snacks prepared at home. Starters like tikki or cutlet can also be served. At dinner, prepare what most of your visitors might want to have on occasion of diwali. The dinner should be followed by serving some pan or fresh desserts.
7- Also arrange some drinks, both light and hard, if you expect both kinds of visitors.
8- You can organize some games like the card game, tambola, crack the movie game, light the candle game and also put some gifts for the winners of the game. This will encourage more and more players and you all are going to have a jolly time.
9- Also put in a firecrackers lighting session. What is diwali without burning some crackers.!
You can also organize a dance event too depending on the theme and number of visitors that you expect.
10- You can end the party by lighting some sky lanterns and asking your visitors to light a few and release them in the sky. This will really amaze them.
So these were my diwali party ideas that you can implement and have a great diwali eve with your loved ones. Share with me too if you also have some other ideas in mind.
Happy diwali in advance.

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