Facebook Smiley Faces and Facebook Emoticon Codes

Facebook has taken the social networking to a completely new level. Chatting on the internet using smiley icons and codes is more than a decade old. They make the whole conversation lively and expressive. You can articulate your moods and feelings by using these icons and typing lesser text. A conversation usually has smiley codes and text.

You can say a lot in a few words especially if your conversation is acquainted with facebook smiley faces and facebook emoticon codes. Facebook seems to be a popular destination to start conversations. The yellow smilies are enough to start a conversation. You can additionally use more than 250 facebook emoticon codes available online to express just about anything you want. There seems to be an emoticon available for every occasion and conversation.


Your excitement, happiness, sleepiness, boredom, sorrow, laughter, everything can be expressed using a single emoticon. They have an ASCII code. When you copy and paste this code in the chat window, it displays the relevant emoticon. You can also display many other symbols and numbers that are used in the character set. Symbols pertaining to every profession are also available in the emoticons. Flags, satellites, communication symbols, fashion, media, festival symbols, all are available on many websites. You can get as many symbols as you want from symbolsnemoticons portal online. You can make keep your friends amused by posting funny emoticons and let them wonder from where you could post those symbols.

Chat symbols are very intriguing. You can be a chat symbol collector in contrast to being a coins collector. A new virtual fad has taken the place of many other hobbies. Online users love spending their time searching for the appropriate symbols and emoticons to express themselves. Teenagers especially find this activity fun and exciting. Not only that if you are good at programming, you yourself can be the designer and creator of many such fun symbols and emoticons.

Even if you are chatting with your parents or any other seniors, you can still use emoticons and keep the conversation lively and spirited. A single symbol and emoticon speaks volumes and expresses an entire text in a single go. You cannot use them excessively as it can create annoyance and you will be considered a slacker. If you want to express yourself better, you should know when to use a symbol and when to use an emoticon. There is, however, no hard and fast rule to the usage. It is up to the sensibilities and sense of discretion of the user to use them as they like. You can also use them to subtly express yourself to anyone. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Likewise, an emoticon and symbol says more than text.


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