How to Write a Good CV and Common Mistakes in CV?

Going through college various levels of education is one thing, whereas getting a job for your desired career is another one. Upon learning of a job opportunity that requires written documents about oneself, the biggest challenge presents itself during the writing of a resume.  However, this should never be a problem to you anymore. Let’s start with the basic requirements of a good CV;


Originality; a good CV is entirely written by you and has every information about you. This will include your education background, working experience and every other thing about you. Avoid copying someone else’s CV just because it looks wonderful.

Simplicity; different people have different styles of witting, depending on various levels of education and understanding of a particular language. Simplicity means that you use the words that you are most comfortable with. Using sophisticated words is good, being simple is better. Avoid using big vocabularies. As a matter of fact, some of the people who read your CV do not know those words, and the worst part is that they don’t have time to look for the meaning. So what happens in such a case? They put yours aside and proceed to the next one.

Brevity; this implies that you be brief with you points as much as you can. The opposite of this could be termed as beating about the bush. Telling a lot of stories about a certain point instead of saying exactly what you need to at that moment. There are people who start telling you a statement like, “ahw jeez, guess what happened a few minutes ago, after I left you with Sue and Pete? When Pete was telling about….? Do you know what I have just witnessed with these two eyes of mine that God blessed me with? Can I tell you whom I have just met? Can you believe it? I am telling you for sure for sure Angie is back in town.” This statement is unnecessary and irrelevant in your CV. Just give the point as brief as you can.

Organization; this is definitely not a company, but the way your points are arranged and presented. Make sure you start with your bio data and flow chronologically up to the last point. Avoid mixing points here and there. No employee has the time to join the dots, to sort the points or to connect the pieces for you. Neat work is interesting even to look at.

Nikki MerrillAuthor-bio: Creative and professional writing is my specific attention as a specialized writer. I always love to sort out the issues and come up with creative solutions to such problems. This kind of approach to my professional career as freelance writer has allowed me to excel in whatever assignments that I engage. As far as I am concerned, my ability to generate innovative ideas and thoughts have a large amount allowed me to deal with the article named “How to Write a Good CV and Common Mistakes in CV?”


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