Resume Writing And Job Search Tips for Fresher

Your resume will typically be the first piece of material reviewed by the employer. If it’s not up to par with their expectations, you have no chance of being granted an interview; they’ll simply throw it aside and move on to other applicants. In order to increase your chances, be sure to do the following:

Freshers Job Vacancies

1.       Limit your resume to one page maximum, but keep in mind your text must be large enough to read with ease.
2.       The top of your resume should open with an “objective statement.” In one precise sentence, let the employer know your professional interests, but be sure to custom tailor your objective statement for each employer.
3.       Chronological ordering of events.
4.       Descriptions for each experience should be listed in bullet points. Be sure to include quantitative data/statistics wherever possible. Employers don’t want to hear you were an asset to your team, instead, they want to know your work helped increase department revenue by 8% in a short period of time. Differentiate yourself with quantifiable results.
5.       No BS. Everything on your resume must be realistic. You’ll be tested on it and any faltering will not only lose you the opportunity, you may get blacklisted by the company and their affiliates. Lying on are resume does constitute fraud; if guilty, the consequences of your actions could land you in jail.
6.       Customize your resume for each employer. If you’ve worked for some time, your years of professional experience cannot fit onto page. Review your work experience and select the positions you’ve held that are most in the line with the position you’re applying for.
7.       Don’t forget to include your contact information.
All in all, you’re going to land a job at some point! Ambition, dedication and determination will yield results, but it may take some time; be patient. Once you’ve finalized a particular resume, be sure to follow up with the employer to ensure they have received it. If you’re on Linkedin, do a quick search for recruiters at the company, view their profiles and feel free to reach out with a custom message to let them know you’ve sent your resume in; it will greatly increase the chances of it being scene and may result in the recruiter spending a bit more time looking it over.

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