Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $19 billion for Better Sharing

Social networking site Facebook, is going to buy the mobile messaging service Whatsapp at 1 lakh 18 thousand 237 crore (U.S. $ 19 billion) . Facebook is the biggest acquisition. Even Google, Microsoft or Apple will not ever have such a big acquisition.
The world’s largest social networking company said on Wednesday that he has to Krine Whatsapp U.S. $ 12 billion in Facebook shares and U.S. $ 4 billion in cash given. In addition, app installer and employees restricted shares will be $ 3 billion, which will run for four years after the deal.


Whatsap like Instagram, Facebook also said he would like a different service. Instagram, Facebook U.S. $ 715.3 million (Rs 44 billion) was bought. More than 450 million users are currently using Whatsapp. While Twitter has 241 million users. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that now they aimed billion users for Whatsapp.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “I am very pleased to inform that Whatsap is the acquisition agreement between us. Whatsap team is joining Facebook. Our goal is to connect people around the world. We will advance the service and the people together to share the contents of any kind. “

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