How To Recognize Horrible Boss?

Keep in mind there is a big difference between bad relation with the boss and a bad boss. One can correct a bad relationship but it is wastage of time to make argue with a bad boss.

Consider the following facts and find out, Is your current boss, manager or supervisor is a bad seed or not?

1. No Value for Your Time:


He asks you to come in his cabin and then try to show himself busy in some other task. If he was such busy then why he called you? Simple, He has no value for your time.

2. Cut Your Salary:


This is his favorite job. Everytime he wants to deduct some money from your salary. I guess, it might be possible that he is suffering from that kind of diseases in which a boss can’t sleep if his employee withdraw the full salary from the company.  May be “FullSalFobia”

3. Demotivate You:

Demotivate You

Always tries to discourage and demotivate you. His wordings gonna be- Ya, I saw that, whats so special in this result, everyone can do this.

4. New Rules Everytime:


If you are near to your target then sudden you will get a new email, “Policies have been changed now we will give you incentives after achieving 70% target rather than 60%” Hell, who needs your incentive? But at-least don’t spoil your image and our hard work.

5. Ignoring Your Presence:


Ignorance comes into the picture when you ask for any favor or any question that he don’t know or don’t want to answer.

6. No Care:


No care for you, whenever you ask to come late or demands for leave then he tries to stop you. He stops you more than job hour and don’t care that are you able to go home or not, specially in case of boys. Because you are a male, then why you afraid for the safety? Just a care less person..

7. Over-Time without Reason: 


Because he has to go on holidays, so he expects more work and increased office hours without any reason. Go buddy, it’s your enjoyment, why we suffer??

8. Bad Attitude:

bad attitude (1)

Always answer you in a heavy tone. Even when you want to learn something or asks for a favor, you got a bully reply or to do research work to find out solution of the problem by your own. Never accept your work in first attempt.

9.Interfere in Personal Life:


Even if you are going on earned leaves, he asks why and where? It is necessary? He tries to cancel all your enjoyment and freedom.

10. Bad Jokes:


The worst part, don’t know what he wants to prove? Is he any philosopher or what? I can job for a year without any penny but can not tolerate his poor joke and quotes.  I can not do it, but someone else will kill him for doing this… 🙂

Does your boss has these type of qualities? Change the job buddy. You have the talent, it’s him, who only have managerial sill, not the creative skills like you!!
Remember, you can change the job, but can’t change the life.
Enjoy your life fully. Live on your terms and condition.


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