Gift Idea for Your Girlfriend: What to Give and Why?

Don’t waste your tears on someone who won’t waste not one breath on you. Most of the girls thinks the same. Prove them wrong!!
Show you care for them, actually not for them 🙂 , show you care for that one.

List of gifts that a boyfriend supposed to give within a year to avoid sudden breakup…

1. Flowers and Chocolates:

Flowers and Chocolates

Boys don’t like this, we like beer, racing or WWE games. But this is not for you!! You have to do this, because she likes this. Treat your girlfriend in a way she likes to be treated. Buy some candy, chocolate and flowers for your girlfriend. Sometimes, they need all these stuff so that they can make other girls jealous, but why we care this thing. We just care for her and her happiness.  So, go for it! #GyanKiBaat

2. Giant Teddy Bear:

Giant Teddy Bear

Gift a big teddy to her.Now if she misses you, she can hug that one. Definitely she is going to call this one with your name. With this, she always feels your presence, and this is the feeling that you want from her. So again go for this gift.

3. Clothes:

Clothes for Girls

Because sometime you want to see her as best among all the girls. So you can gift according you choice but also take care of her comfort as well. Once I gifted one piece to my GF, and now that is in the left most corner of her almirah. (Hidden ghost) Huhhh…

4. Makeup:


This is not for them, this is for you. Everyone knows about the fact that a girl can make herself busy all the day only in getting ready. Their beautification never ends. So if you want some rest and sleep or friend circle then must go for a heavy makeup kit. With all these thing apart, if she knows how to get ready and to look beautiful with makeup then ultimately you have the company of a beautiful girl.

5. Jewelry:


They are mad for it, because they are costly, and only a girl can enjoy this thing, not a boy. So they feel personal and have birth right on this. Gift some good looking jewelry to her and make her smile.

6. Mobile:


Because this is the best way to get connected with her. We know girls uses mobile phone mostly, however they are not that much technical and don’t know about the much apps and not a good photographer. But with this gadget, they can disturb you anytime, and this is their favourite pass time. So for their enquiry counter satisfaction, go for a good mobile. 

7. Surprises:


Romantic gestures ever! Make her surprise, not with Chocolates or candies. Surprise her with your care and love. Do something so that they feel like a princess.. Hug her, kiss her or plan any surprise party/trip for her. Personally, I like to surprise that special one with a long drive and some boys type fun that she can’t do alone!!!


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