Say Bye-Bye to Your Lovely Tummy

Obesity has become a common problem at the present time . Every third person is suffering obesity problem . Because many diseases such as diabetes , Haibldpreshr and in the number of patients with diseases such as diabetes is growing rapidly .adopting that you can reduce your body fat , but with the adoption of these tips – even with the need to know to control your life is in your own hands .

Read tips to reduce obesity in Desi way:

1- Fresh cabbage juice also helps in weight loss . According to tribal, daily morning fresh green cabbage juice is prepared by grinding and then drank it helps in melting body fat .

2- Half of raw vegetable gourd also helps in weight loss , north Madhya Pradesh Tribal – drumstick or vegetable beans Munga believe effective in reducing obesity .
Guggul gum twice a day dissolved in water or a soft humming intake helps to reduce weight .

3- Rough chaff tree seed collected chaff tree , taken from a clay pot and fry on low light – a spoon hitting slice is taken twice a day , just to see how fast outweigh the advantages.

4- Carrots should be consumed all of the food , especially before eating. Modern science also considers carrots effective in reducing obesity .

5- A complex sugars like honey , which largely helps in reducing obesity . Many people throughout the day just by drinking lemon water and honey is also fast . It is believed that it is an effective desi formula .

6- Dry ginger , cinnamon bark and black pepper ( 3 g each ) from crushed and powdered to be taken . The entire powder divided into two parts: part one day and one night before bed should be taken empty stomach . Put the powder in water , can be dissolved drank.

7- The fresh green leaves of mint chutney to be created and consumed with chapati , are effective . Aboriginal recommend drinking peppermint tea .

8- Harrah or myrrh and myrrh 50 grams parval fruit juice with a teaspoon of the powder one ( 1 glass ) taken daily in conjunction with , the faster you lose weight and physical fatigue reduces the .

9- Half a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon fennel should be put in and taken 10 minutes after it cools Dankkr be drank . This should be done continuously for three months , the weight decreases .

10- Motivation: This is the master key, fix some poster of your role model so that you get inspire to repeat all these 9 tasks daily to lose your extra fat.

May be the next time you loses some inches when you are going for an outing with someone special. 🙂


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