Relationship: Can Guys and Girls Be Just Friends?

I always feel confusion on this topic so I am just sharing my feelings and thinking through this post. But I know one thing: when you are wrong they all are with you but when you realize that you are doing wrong and you want to correct your mistake then nobody is with you. So is it good to be bad?
I come to know one thing that girls can not be best friend they can be your girl-friend or your friend’s. One can not share his secret with a girl because they are going to tell all your stuff to her boyfriend and if you are her boy friend then believe me you can not tell all the points. You can tell her about your bad habits like drinking, rash driving, smoking, your cheating but you can not share any point that is related to her. Thats why I said girls are not meant for friendship. If they are close to you they automatically turns into girl-friend.

I am not commenting over girls and not saying that they are bad. I am just telling that when it comes to friendship then boys and girls are not a perfect match. They attract each other because of opposite sex. We like to kiss her and hug her and we can share our pillow but wee can not share our feelings. I guess may be they have same thinking as we have.
But no one can understand girls even they can not understand themselves 🙂


4 thoughts on “Relationship: Can Guys and Girls Be Just Friends?

  1. I am partly agreed with you Shailesh.What i think is that as boy and boy are best friends, girls and girls also best friend but not for so long because of jealousy nature.
    And if i say about girl vs boy than i can say that they are a perfect match if they believe each other, understand each other, love each other and not by pointing and mistrust each other.


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