Rock Garden

IMG_3728I visited Rock garden last week and this is such a amazing place. Amazing because it’s totally made from   waste material. Best part about the rock garden is that each of its artwork has been made by using industrial  & urban waste. One can find beautiful art pieces which is totally made up of waste like bottle cap, broken cup & plates.


I enjoyed a lot this place with my childhood friend as they came Chandigarh to celebrate my 3rd break up party and this time it was not my fault. It was her mistake.

I enjoyed bike racing with my friends. we race from Rock garden to sector 17 market.


Chandigarh is very strict city about traffic rules. This is well maintained city and you have to follow all traffic otherwise you will be fined.

India - Chandigarh - Traffic on the planned, wide avenues of Cha

You can not compare Chandigarh with other part of India. Chandigarh is UT  and well maintained and surrounded with best visiting place like Shimla, Kasauli etc. But the people here are still Indian, they always happy to help you like Vodafone advertisement. One who think India is a crowded country and no one follow traffic rules here should visit Chandigarh to remove his misconception about this country.

I will be back with next write on some mouth-watering snacks which you can enjoy only in India. Till then you can ask anything you want. I will be happy to solve your queries.

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